Lab Overview and Required Software – Learn Website Hacking

To learn and practice website hacking attacks, we will need to setup our pentesting lab. So to do this we will be using a program called Virtual Box which allows us to create virtual machines inside our current OS. We won’t do anything on our main OS. We will create the following virtual machines in our lab:

  1. Attacker machine –  Kali Linux
  2. Victim 1 – Metasploitable
  3. Victim 2 – Windows

First of all download and install Virtual Box from –

Introduction – Learn Website Hacking

Hello, this is the introduction to Learn Website Hacking blog series. In this blog series we will learn website hacking and penetration testing. So we are going to start from scratch and by the end of the series we will be at high intermediate level, being able to launch attacks exactly the same way the black hat hackers would do. Not only that but we will also learn how to secure web applications and prevent these attacks from happening.

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