Introduction – Learn Website Hacking

Hello, this is the introduction to Learn Website Hacking blog series. In this blog series we will learn website hacking and penetration testing. So we are going to start from scratch and by the end of the series we will be at high intermediate level, being able to launch attacks exactly the same way the black hat hackers would do. Not only that but we will also learn how to secure web applications and prevent these attacks from happening.

So this series is going to start from scratch. We are going to start with basics on how to setup your lab, how to setup your computer for penetration testing.

Once done with that we are going to start with talking about websites, so before we talk about hacking, we are going to talk about how websites work, how the requests are sent and received so that we can exploit this and launch our attacks. Once we understand how websites work, we are going to move into our first section of penetration testing, which is going to be information gathering. In this section we are going to learn how to gather very important about your target, such as the technologies used, the dns servers used and the other websites on the same server. And we will talk about why this is important and why you need to know this. Once you understand how websites work, we are going to move in to our main penetration testing sections, where we are going to learn how to Discover, Exploit and Protect from a large number of vulnerabilities.

So the course is going to be highly practical without neglecting the theory part. We are going to first talk about why these vulnerabilities happen, how to discover them, how to exploit them and gain full control over the website and at the end we are going to see how we can secure websites from these attacks and prevent them from happening. So if you are a programmer, you’ll know what to avoid so that these vulnerabilities won’t happen.

Once done with this section, we are going to move into our post exploitation, where we are going to learn what can we do with the access that we have gained in the previous section. So we are going to learn how to upload-download files, navigate with-in the target web server, navigate from a website to another and even access the database of the target server.

This is just an overview of the main sections, the series will contain even more cooler stuff.

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